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Nothing Can Stop My Asian Super Santa Powers!!! But seriously though this game was super fun, Check me out playin it here:

Asian Santa Power!

Awesome video. Glad you liked it. You are the first video I've seen who found the clouds or space level. Great job!

The reason being that i am primarily a Space Wizard and i sought out space as my first mission of exploration.

Supa Santa is coming! Your rooftop ornaments and chimneys will not stand a chance! Expect to lose power and water!

Don't believe me? I am not making this up:

Deleted 5 years ago

So sorry to hear that. Can you give me any info on your PC build? What version of Windows are you running? Direct X? .NET? Also, does it crash the same in windowed mode (1x or 2x)? Can yolu give me any info on the crash report itself? What does it say? Thanks!

Deleted 5 years ago

OK. I will investigate this issue as much as I can. I hope to have a reply back to you tomorrow if possible. Thanks for your patience!

Deleted 5 years ago

OK, I *THINK* it's an issue with Windows 10 and XNA working together. Can you try right clicking the executable and under compatibility settings, set the game to run in compatibility mode as Windows 7 and run as an administrator, and see if that fixes things?